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Hello hello. I'm Arthur.

Jolly pleased you decided to check me out, and I hope I can be of service to you. Yes siree!

Well, I'm a tough guy, ready for the long haul - and brave enough to take on the road!

I'm no pushover I'm telling you.

You can take me uphill, downhill, to the park, to the prom and I'll get you there with ease.

But, I am a right proper gentleman too...ooh yes. I've got plenty of brawn, but that don't mean I'm hard to manoeuvre, no siree - I'm actually pretty compact. Which means for you that you can stay right on that comfortable perch and take me in to your favourite store, instead of parking me out the front and having to stroll in to grab the groceries!

I know you'll be pleased to have me around - someone that's capable for the job. That you can depend on. And all the muscle, well... that's just a bonus!